Mountain Panorama

Photo collections

From 1997 till the end of 2000, I was maintaing a Weekly Photo page on the Average Server.

Marina Bay at Night

Short vaction in Singapore, for the Chinese New Year.

A Hand in Antwerp

Business trip to Antwerp, September 2019.

America Runs On Donuts

Vacation in the USA, April - May 2019.


Vacation in Switzerland with Lela and Masha, September 2016.

Still in Jameson Distillery

Two day visit to Dublin, Ireland, March 2015.

Sunset on Norway Flats

Winter holidays in the USA, New Year 2014/2015.

Entrance to the IBM Lab

Business trip to the IBM Lab in Böblingen, Germany, June 2014.

Beer menu

Travel to Northen England and Scotland with Lela and Masha, June 2014.

Dasha with Dogs

New 2014 Year holidays in the USA with Prusses.


Travel to Norway with Lela and Masha, August 2013.

Bear River Trailhead

A week-long holiday in Utah with Prusses, January 2013.


A week-long holiday in Israel with Lela and Masha, December 2012.

Google Zurich

One day visit to Zürich, for another (failed) round of interviews with Google, September 2012.

Polybahn car in Zurich

Sledding in Switzerland, March 2012.

Masha on a tractor

USA and Canada with Lela & Masha, September 2011.

Flint Castle

Car & Bike trip to London and Wales with Lela and her children, August 2010.

Utah Lake

Travel to USA in December 2009.

Evening in Italian province

Bike travel to Italy with Lela, Masha, Xenia and Jenya in June 2009.

Dasha and Telescope

Travel with Xenia to the USA in June 2008.

Night Church in Jerusalem

Trip to Israel with Lela, Masha and Xenia in March 2008.

Me and Xenia with snowboard

Skiing winter holidays, in the United States in January 2007.

Xenia and the Wall Street Bull

Travel to the United States in June 2006 with Xenia

Panorama of San Mateo

Out-of-order trip to the United States in July 2005, to a CEAS Email and Anti-Spam Conference.

Evening in Berlin

A short visit to Berlin, Germany on Christmas 2004.

Golden Gate in the Mist

Traditional even-year leave in the United States in August 2004.

Lake in Uinta

Here is a report of my leave spent in the United States in June 2002.

Bryce Canyon

In June-July 2000, I got at last to USENIX conference in San Diego (not to speak, just to attend), and before that, I was at "Europen Technology Forum" - business event held by Hewlett Packard in London. Between and after the events I traveled for leisure. Here is a report of my trip to the United Kingdom and United States in June and July 2000.

San Diego Downtown

In June 1998, I was planning to speak at USENIX conference in New Orleans, but local officials failed to make my passport in time, and it had to be cancelled. But then, I started to think: "why not just take a leave and go see my friends anyway?". So I did. This was my first real leave since 1990, BTW. Here is a report of my trip to the United States of America in September 1998.

Market Square in Brussels

In September 1996, I was invited by IGUANA (non-profit UNIX activists group in Belgium) to speak at their meeting at de Kam near Brussels about my ifmail program. I decided that it would be a shame to be 2 hours away from Paris and not visit it. So, here is a report about my trip to Belgium and France

Kids on a Lawn

In August 96, I had a 9 day holiday in Turki village near Kirzhach (~100 miles from Moscow) where my friends' kids where spending Summer.

On the way to Sandy Hook

My first visit to the USA in June 1996. Unfortunately, I only can find half of the films.

Krasnokazarmennaya 12

Here are pictures of my collegues at Sovam Teleport taken 7 Aug 96.

Snowy Hut, Skies

Polar Ural December 1986


Central Caucasus August 1984

Group in front of Elbrus

Unsuccessful ascend to Elbrus May 1984

Drying Sleeping Bags

Central Caucasus July 1983

Winter Creek

Khibiny in March 1982.

Frozen Waterfall

East Sayany in February 1982.

Fir Trees

A slidefilm about my travel to the North-Western Tien-Shan in September 1981.


Pictures from my first "real" mountain trip to Central Caucasus in August 1979.

Wild Goats

A slidefilm about my travel to Arkhyz (Western Caucasus) in July 1979.

University Building

These are some pictures from the Moscow university where I studied from 1976 till 1982.

In a Classroom

I graduated from the high school No. 69 in Moscow, Russia in 1976. I took photos while I studied there, and they are mainly black and white.

People Have the Right for Rest

The first series of pictures that I took myself when I was 11 is from Crimea. Crimea is a peninsula in the Black Sea, now part of Ukraine. Back in 1970s, it was one of the most popular resorts in the Soviet Union.

Here are several would-be artistic works by myself, of older days and of newer days.

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