Travel to the US with Xenia in June 2006



03 US - Flight
04 US - New Jersey
05 Manhattan, Central Park
06 Manhattan, Metropolitan museum
08 Manhattan, last day
09 SLC day 1: Doughtnats falls
10 Rocky Mouth Falls, Deaf Smith Canyon, Delicate Arch
11 Arches, Dead Horse Point, San Rafael Swell, Goblin Valley, Fremont River Falls
12 Boulder, Calf Creek, Meadow Hot Springs
13 Swimming Pool, walk to Mount Olympus, in a restraunt
14 Ostler Peak, day one
15 Ostler Peak, day two
16 Visit to Turchencko's place
17 Lake Blanche, Irene's birthday party
18 Timpanogas Cave
19 Last day
20 Flight Back

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