USA and Canada with Lela and Masha, September 2011



08 On the way to Utah
09 Home and around
10 Closed adit, Wheeler Historic Farm
11 Prince of Wales mine; Oktoberfest in Snowbird
12 On the way to Bryce Canyon
13 Bryce Canyon
14 To the Arches
15 Arches
16 Downtown; 5th Water
17 Fifth Water hot springs; Bridal Veil waterfall
18 Antelope Island
19 Lisa Falls; Hidden Peak by the tram from Snowbird; shopping
20 Way to Canada
21 Aurora; Niagara Falls
22 Awenda; Shopping
23 Casa Loma
24 Allan Gardens; Campus of the University of Toronto Mississauga
25 York Regional Forest; Aurora
26 Way home

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