USA trip with Xenia June 2008



18 Flight, night at Pruss's place
19 Day 1: Shopping, White Fir trail, Sauna at Turchenko's place
20 Day 2:hike to Wolverine mtn.
21 Day 3: Ferguson Canyon hike; Ira's birthday party
22 Day 4: Neighbourhood; road to the "Wave"
23 Day 5: The Wave; Grand Canyon; sunset at Navaho lake
24 Day 6: Cedar Breaks, Willis Creek (and Calf Creek, but no pictures there)
25 Day 7: Shopping; hike to Stewart Cascade
26 Day 8: road to Yellowstone, night at Idaho Falls
27 Day 9: Yellowstone: Old Faithful and other geyzers, Dragon Mouth
28 Day 10: Mount Washburn, Lower Yellowstone Falls etc.
29 Day 11: Prismatic spring, road back to Salt Lake City
30 Way home
x1 Way home

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