About fido7

In spring 1992 I have installed a public Fidonet-usenet gateway for Russian-language echomail, and created a top-level hierarchy "fido7". This is not a normal usenet hierarchy, in the sense that newsgroups are not created after voting, but rather as corresponding fidonet echomail areas appear, and also distribution of this hierarchy was restricted because all usenet correspondents are logically users at the gateway node (2:5020/230 at that time) and could cause trouble to the sysop (me) if their behavior was inappropriate for Fidonet.

This server describes the current status of fido7 hierarchy


Also, I am the moderator (in Fidonet sense, this is a "post-moderator") of Russian-language Fidonet echomail area "RU.UNIX" that is available as the newsgroup "fido7.ru.unix" (Formerly, it was also gatewayed into "relcom.fido.ru.unix" but since autumn 1997 they are not connected). Here are the rules of this conference (in Russian).
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