USA trip Sep 1998



10 Moscow - San Francisco
11 Jerry's place, flying
12 Electronic flea market, Musical event in a sailboat
13 Kirill's place and relatives (37°19'N 122°04'W)
14 More Kirill's place and Bruce's place (32°51'N 117°15'W)
15 La Jolla beaches, starting desert trip
16 In the desert on Dune Buggies
17 San Diego downtown and Zoo
18 Pruss' place (40°37'N 111°48'W)
19 Around Pruss' place, starting canyon trip
20 Little Whild Horse canyon (38°34'N 110°48'W), Goblin valley
21 Rainy hike in the mountains
22 Liza falls, around Myriad
23 Hike in Bell canyon(48°44'N 111°48'W)
25 Volic's place, KSP: Friday evening (39°30'N 74°31'W)
26 KSP: Saturday (39°30'N 74°31'W)
27 KSP: Sunday

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