descriptionLighting controller for the staircase in my apartment.
last changeSat, 24 Mar 2018 13:10:03 +0000 (14:10 +0100)
2018-03-24 Eugene CrosserReplace final picture master
2018-03-24 Eugene CrosserAdd picture of the finished device
2018-03-19 Eugene Crosserdisable pull up/down - PIR signal too weak
2018-02-26 Eugene Crosserexport missing gerber files
2018-02-23 Eugene CrosserChange the power connector type
2018-02-23 Eugene Crosserplay with BOM creation
2018-02-22 Eugene Crosserminor adjustment in traces and labels
2018-02-21 Eugene Crosserredraw board, with correct releif areas
2018-02-21 Eugene Crosserrebuild picture of the schematics
2018-02-21 Eugene Crossersome fiddling with thermal releif areas
2018-02-21 Eugene Crosserlayout adjustments
2018-02-20 Eugene Crosseradd capacitor to the regulator input
2018-02-20 Eugene Crosserthey are called geRber, right?
2018-02-20 Eugene Crossersave unsaved
2018-02-20 Eugene Crossertry adust layout
2018-02-19 Eugene CrosserAttempt at laying out the board
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