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attempt to place components on the PCB
[sensor-light.git] / msp430 / main.c
2018-01-06 Eugene Crosseradjust time to wait and light threshold
2018-01-05 Eugene Crosserstreamline logic, change light threshold
2018-01-02 Eugene Crossermake PWM duty cycle change more smoothly
2018-01-02 Eugene Crosserstreamline logic, adjust ambient light value
2018-01-02 Eugene Crossermake LED indication more meaningful
2017-12-13 Eugene Crosseruse zero duty cycle for zero
2017-12-13 Eugene Crossermake PWM work on G2
2017-12-13 Eugene Crosseradapt to msp430g2
2017-12-13 Eugene Crosserparametrize button interrupts per model
2017-12-13 Eugene Crosseruse model-dependent GPIO bits
2017-12-11 Eugene Crosserformatting
2017-12-11 Eugene Crosserfix typos/loose defines
2017-12-10 Eugene CrosserAutomated reformat
2017-12-10 Eugene CrosserInitial msp430 program