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streamline logic, change light threshold
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2018-01-03 Eugene Crosseradd notes about possible parts for the project
2018-01-03 Eugene Crosseradd resistors to the indicator LEDs
2018-01-01 Eugene Crossermention alternative MOSFET model
2018-01-01 Eugene Crosserforgot the pcb file
2018-01-01 Eugene Crosserfirst attempt to assign footprints and make a pcb
2018-01-01 Eugene Crosserremove extra line on the schematics
2018-01-01 Eugene Crosserremove experimental schematics
2018-01-01 Eugene Crosserchange lables on the schematic
2018-01-01 Eugene Crosserchange pin flags to make ERC happy
2018-01-01 Eugene CrosserMake some electrical schematic with KiCad
2017-12-29 Eugene Crosseradd picture of the MOSFET
2017-12-14 Eugene Crosseradd some READMEs
2017-12-14 Eugene Crosseradd initial schematics