descriptionElectric pulse counter on msp430 + cc2541 BLE module
last changeFri, 5 Feb 2016 15:52:43 +0000 (18:52 +0300)
2016-02-05 Eugene Crosseradjust persist struct master
2016-02-05 Eugene Crosserinitial steps to cc3200 version
2016-02-05 Eugene Crosseradd fresh notes
2016-02-04 Eugene Crosserdon't draw plot w/o data
2016-02-04 Eugene Crossercherrypick blink function from the jittercount branch
2016-01-24 Eugene Crosserremove unused hal debug funcs
2016-01-24 Eugene Crosserremove writable attrs that are unreachable anyway
2016-01-08 Eugene CrosserNotes on using sqlite3
2016-01-07 Eugene CrosserNeed more space for bigger sql queries
2016-01-05 Eugene CrosserCrude attempt to compensate for bogus events
2016-01-01 Eugene Crosserscript to repopulate database from syslog
2016-01-01 Eugene Crosserno adjustment for unchanged value
2015-12-29 Eugene CrosserPower budget figures
2015-12-28 Eugene Crosserdescribe mechanical(?) glitch in the NOTES
2015-12-28 Eugene Crosserhopefully fixed comb
2015-12-26 Eugene CrosserDid I say that I hate systemd?
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