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Notes on using sqlite3
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2015-12-28 Eugene Crosserdescribe mechanical(?) glitch in the NOTES
2015-12-28 Eugene Crosserhopefully fixed comb
2015-12-25 Eugene Crosserfix total calculation for empty dataset
2015-12-25 Eugene CrosserShow server errors (non-200 code)
2015-12-25 Eugene CrosserShow total usage for the displayed period
2015-12-25 Eugene Crosserlabel x axis
2015-12-25 Eugene Crosserincrease graph font even more
2015-12-24 Eugene Crosserwrong conversion. l/min, not /hr
2015-12-24 Eugene Crossertake query string in the url if present
2015-12-24 Eugene Crosservertical-align does not work anyway
2015-12-24 Eugene Crossercenter text labels in buttons
2015-12-24 Eugene Crosseruse 12px font for labels
2015-12-23 Eugene Crosseradjust axis comb
2015-12-23 Eugene Crosserfix wording
2015-12-23 Eugene Crosserrequest different weeks
2015-12-23 Eugene Crosserrequest different days
2015-12-23 Eugene Crosseruse Pipe-Dream font by Jonathan Paterson
2015-12-23 Eugene Crosserfix time interval selection
2015-12-23 Eugene Crosseruse unix timestamp, not seconds in query
2015-12-23 Eugene Crosserinitialize today query
2015-12-23 Eugene Crosserfix select ordering
2015-12-23 Eugene Crossermarkings for y axis
2015-12-23 Eugene Crosserstyle; 'loading'
2015-12-23 Eugene Crosseruse full window width
2015-12-23 Eugene Crosserresizeable canvas
2015-12-23 Eugene Crosserrefactor initialization
2015-12-22 Eugene Crosserwip graph plot
2015-12-22 Eugene Crosserwip on plot graph
2015-12-22 Eugene Crosserwip http display
2015-12-21 Eugene Crosserwip on html display
2015-12-21 Eugene Crossermake xmlhttprequest for data
2015-12-21 Eugene Crosserprovide last count values