remove unused hal debug funcs
[pulsecounter.git] / linux /
2016-01-07 Eugene CrosserNeed more space for bigger sql queries
2016-01-05 Eugene CrosserCrude attempt to compensate for bogus events
2016-01-01 Eugene Crosserscript to repopulate database from syslog
2016-01-01 Eugene Crosserno adjustment for unchanged value
2015-12-26 Eugene CrosserDid I say that I hate systemd?
2015-12-21 Eugene Crosserprovide last count values
2015-12-21 Eugene Crosserfix exec magic
2015-12-21 Eugene Crosseradd primitive config to query.cgi
2015-12-21 Eugene CrosserCGI to run query and produce json
2015-12-21 Eugene Crosserupdate README
2015-12-21 Eugene Crosseradd config example
2015-12-21 Eugene Crosseradd linux README
2015-12-20 Eugene Crosserfix config parser
2015-12-19 Eugene Crosserdaemon option
2015-12-19 Eugene Crosserargh isspace(*smth)
2015-12-19 Eugene Crosserimplement autoadjustment
2015-12-19 Eugene Crossererror logging via syslog
2015-12-19 Eugene Crosserkeep database config in a separate file
2015-12-19 Eugene Crosseruse mysql as db store
2015-12-19 Eugene Crosserseparate dbstore module
2015-12-16 Eugene CrosserLinux listener prototype