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2019-04-04 Eugene Crosseruse 'struct in6_pktinfo' from linux/ipv6.h master
2019-03-28 Eugene CrosserWIP on send/recv
2019-03-26 Eugene Crosserwip send/recv
2019-03-15 Eugene Crosserconstruct multicast group using hash of channel
2019-03-15 Eugene Crosseradd makefile dependencies for easier run
2019-03-15 Eugene Crosseradd hash64 function
2019-03-13 Eugene Crosserrudimentary subscribe/unsubscribe
2019-03-13 Eugene Crosseradd examples directory with initial example
2019-03-13 Eugene Crosserfix types and options
2019-03-13 Eugene Crossermake rule to make library
2019-03-13 Eugene Crosseradd psmb_destroy()
2019-03-13 Eugene Crossersome error logging
2019-03-13 Eugene Crosserfunction to set mgrp (IPv6 prefix and length)
2019-03-13 Eugene Crosseradd logging function
2019-03-12 Eugene Crossersave errnos
2019-03-11 Eugene Crosserinitial code for the socket
2019-03-11 Eugene Crosseradd private header for structs
2019-03-11 Eugene Crosserrename the project to 'psmb' before it's too late
2019-03-11 Eugene CrosserInitial API prototype