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2014-04-14 Eugene Crossersome test cases from the field
2014-04-13 Eugene Crosserupdate README to reflect current status
2014-04-13 Eugene CrosserSRV hack part 3 and final - works now
2014-04-13 Eugene Crossertest for SRV
2014-04-13 Eugene CrosserSRV hack part 2
2014-04-13 Eugene Crossertypo in SRV hack
2014-04-13 Eugene CrosserSRV hack part 1
2014-04-13 Eugene Crosserprevent import loops
2014-04-13 Eugene Crosserimplement merge via typeclass
2014-04-13 Eugene Crosserformatting
2014-04-13 Eugene Crosserjson SRV data parser
2014-04-13 Eugene Crosserbetter normalization
2014-04-13 Eugene Crosserincorporate resursive merges
2014-04-13 Eugene Crossercleanup main
2014-04-13 Eugene Crosserwip testing merge
2014-04-13 Eugene Crosserwip merging imports
2014-04-12 Eugene Crosserhandle (and test) imports
2014-04-12 Eugene Crosserreport 'not found' as emtpy
2014-04-12 Eugene Crosserwip convert to replaceable backend
2014-04-12 Eugene Crossermake test data dir linke namecoin namespace
2014-04-12 Eugene Crosserreplaceable backend and test prototype
2014-04-12 Eugene Crosserseparate Namecoin RPC from domain data
2014-04-05 Eugene Crosseradd .gitignore
2014-04-05 Eugene Crosserdoc typo
2014-04-05 Eugene CrosserDoc update
2014-04-05 Eugene CrosserWrite some actual doc
2014-04-04 Eugene Crossercheck the string for being an IPv4 address
2014-04-03 Eugene Crosserhack to handle ip-only value for the domain
2014-04-02 Eugene Crosserless ugly (but still ugly) merge
2014-04-02 Eugene Crosserdon't squash SOA data
2014-04-01 Eugene Crosseramend README
2014-03-31 Eugene Crosseradd LICENSE
2014-03-31 Eugene Crossertweak README
2014-03-31 Eugene Crosseradd README
2014-03-30 Eugene Crosserset line-buffered mode
2014-03-30 Eugene Crosserdomain normalization
2014-03-30 Eugene Crosserimplement descent and (ugly) merge
2014-03-30 Eugene Crosserpart of powerdns out formatting
2014-03-30 Eugene Crossermove most formatting to PowerDns
2014-03-29 Eugene Crossercosmetic
2014-03-29 Eugene Crossermake pdnsOut more composable
2014-03-29 Eugene Crosserreturn empty domain if data not found
2014-03-29 Eugene Crossertest function to interactively ask about a domain
2014-03-29 Eugene Crosserhandle empty 'value' as domain with no data
2014-03-29 Eugene Crosserwip reorg responsibilities
2014-03-27 Eugene Crosserwip main cycle
2014-03-27 Eugene Crossermove Json to top dir
2014-03-27 Eugene Crosserseparate config module
2014-03-27 Eugene Crosserwip putting it together
2014-03-27 Eugene Crosserwip handling response
2014-03-27 Eugene Crosserwip make http request
2014-03-25 Eugene Crosserwip convert to other http client
2014-03-25 Eugene Crossercosmetic cleanup in main
2014-03-25 Eugene CrosserJsonRpcClient mostly works
2014-03-25 Eugene Crosserwip JsonRpc response parsing
2014-03-25 Eugene Crosserwip JsonRpc response instances
2014-03-24 Eugene Crosserwip JsonRpc response
2014-03-24 Eugene Crosserwip JsonRpc version
2014-03-24 Eugene Crosserwip JsonRpc objects
2014-03-24 Eugene Crosserprototype own JsonRpc implementation
2014-03-22 Eugene CrosserInitial import