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2014-04-24 Eugene CrosserSpellbind it under Cabal
2014-04-22 Eugene Crosseradd link to spec; html build script
2014-04-22 Eugene CrosserBeta status, cosmetic update in the doc
2014-04-22 Eugene Crossernew binary version
2014-04-21 Eugene Crossermention SOA nameserver in the README
2014-04-21 Eugene Crosseruse current time to synthesize zone version in the...
2014-04-21 Eugene Crosserdocument problem with SOA version
2014-04-20 Eugene Crossergrr markdown
2014-04-20 Eugene Crosserfix table format
2014-04-20 Eugene CrosserMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.average.org/~/pdns...
2014-04-20 Eugene Crossermake prebuilt executables available again
2014-04-20 Eugene CrosserMerge branch 'conduit-free'
2014-04-20 Eugene Crosserbinary not ready to use
2014-04-20 Eugene Crosserupdate README, mention pre-built binary
2014-04-13 Eugene Crosserupdate README to reflect current status
2014-04-05 Eugene Crosserdoc typo
2014-04-05 Eugene CrosserDoc update
2014-04-05 Eugene CrosserWrite some actual doc
2014-04-01 Eugene Crosseramend README
2014-03-31 Eugene Crosseradd LICENSE
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