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2014-04-21 Eugene Crosseruse current time to synthesize zone version in the...
2014-04-19 Eugene Crossermake default SOA generation = 0
2014-04-19 Eugene Crosserimplement working AXFR
2014-04-19 Eugene Crosserfix error reporting
2014-04-19 Eugene Crosserbetter error reporting
2014-04-19 Eugene Crosserwip AXFR: refactor output funcs
2014-04-19 Eugene Crosseraccept request type in command-line args; handle wrong...
2014-04-18 Eugene Crosserfix SOA and style cleanup
2014-04-18 Eugene Crosserrefactor pdnsOut
2014-04-17 Eugene Crosserwip AXFR support
2014-04-17 Eugene Crossersupport some more RRs
2014-04-16 Eugene Crosserreimplement SRV handling
2014-04-14 Eugene Crosserfix for cleanup pdns response generator
2014-04-14 Eugene Crossercleanup pdns response generator
2014-04-13 Eugene CrosserSRV hack part 3 and final - works now
2014-04-13 Eugene CrosserSRV hack part 2
2014-04-13 Eugene Crosserprevent import loops
2014-04-12 Eugene Crosserseparate Namecoin RPC from domain data
2014-03-30 Eugene Crosserimplement descent and (ugly) merge
2014-03-30 Eugene Crosserpart of powerdns out formatting
2014-03-30 Eugene Crossermove most formatting to PowerDns
2014-03-29 Eugene Crossercosmetic
2014-03-29 Eugene Crossermake pdnsOut more composable
2014-03-29 Eugene Crossertest function to interactively ask about a domain
2014-03-29 Eugene Crosserwip reorg responsibilities
2014-03-27 Eugene Crosserwip main cycle
2014-03-27 Eugene Crosserwip putting it together