descriptionPAM module for challenge-response over PC/SC. Supports YubikeyNEO.
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2020-04-20 Eugene objects to gitignore master
2020-04-20 Eugene Crossercheck that old data exists when it is necessary
2018-08-15 Eugene Crosseropenssl: make it use 'shortcut' function HMAC()
2018-08-15 Eugene Crosserconfigure: add option "--disable-openssl"
2017-11-05 Eugene CrosserInitialize pad memory to pacify stack protectors
2013-12-25 Eugene Crosserbump version
2013-12-25 Eugene Crosserexpand manpage
2013-12-25 Eugene Crosserupdate README and .svg
2013-12-19 Eugene Crosserbump version in README
2013-12-19 Eugene Crosserinclude man pages in Makefile
2013-12-19 Eugene Crosseradd manpage for the module
2013-12-17 Eugene Crosseradd man page for pam_cr_setup
2013-12-17 Eugene Crosserget rid of tokenid altogether
2013-12-12 Eugene Crosserversion 0.9.2
2013-12-12 Eugene Crossera bit cleaner path construction
2013-12-09 Eugene Crosserhtml includes svg inside, adjust make rule
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