2018-08-15 Eugene Crosserconfigure: add option "--disable-openssl"
2017-11-05 Eugene CrosserInitialize pad memory to pacify stack protectors
2013-12-25 Eugene Crosserbump version
2013-12-25 Eugene Crosserexpand manpage
2013-12-25 Eugene Crosserupdate README and .svg
2013-12-19 Eugene Crosserbump version in README
2013-12-19 Eugene Crosserinclude man pages in Makefile
2013-12-19 Eugene Crosseradd manpage for the module
2013-12-17 Eugene Crosseradd man page for pam_cr_setup
2013-12-17 Eugene Crosserget rid of tokenid altogether
2013-12-12 Eugene Crosserversion 0.9.2
2013-12-12 Eugene Crossera bit cleaner path construction
2013-12-09 Eugene Crosserhtml includes svg inside, adjust make rule
2013-12-09 Eugene Crossercolorize svg picture
2013-12-08 Eugene Crossertypo in README
2013-12-08 Eugene Crosserreplace README_CR with svg pic
2013-12-08 Eugene Crossermake svg picture
2013-12-08 Eugene Crosserupdate version in README
2013-12-08 Eugene Crosserbump version, show version
2013-12-08 Eugene Crosseruse base64 instead of hex
2013-12-08 Eugene Crossermake raw data for b64 unsigned
2013-12-08 Eugene Crosserbase64: check sizes
2013-12-08 Eugene Crosseramend .gitignore
2013-12-08 Eugene Crosserinclude base64 encoder
2013-12-07 Eugene Crosseradd more debug prints
2013-12-07 Eugene Crosserupdate README
2013-12-07 Eugene Crossertidy build process
2013-12-07 Eugene Crosserconsistent use of 'const'
2013-12-07 Eugene Crossersilence fchown warning
2013-12-06 Eugene Crosserclean up pam module
2013-12-06 Eugene Crossertypecast for snprintf
2013-12-05 Eugene Crosserstyle in README
2013-12-05 Eugene Crosserinclude title in README
2013-12-05 Eugene CrosserREADME note: work in progress
2013-12-05 Eugene Crossermark down README
2013-12-05 Eugene Crossertry to preserve auth file ownership
2013-12-04 Eugene Crosserfix precedence error
2013-12-04 Eugene CrosserAdded README
2013-12-04 Eugene CrosserPut zlib license in all files
2013-12-04 Eugene Crosserpath= and injectauth params
2013-12-04 Eugene Crossergitignore *.a
2013-12-04 Eugene CrosserPAM module works
2013-12-04 Eugene Crosserinitial PAM module
2013-12-04 Eugene Crossercreate new file and rename
2013-12-04 Eugene Crossermake own file token parser that works
2013-12-03 Eugene Crossercleanup use of const
2013-12-03 Eugene Crosserauthfile works (except strtok)
2013-12-03 Eugene Crosserwip redoing authfile
2013-12-02 Eugene Crossertidy const declarations
2013-12-02 Eugene Crossersingle-function authobj works
2013-12-02 Eugene Crosserwip single-function authobj
2013-12-02 Eugene Crosserwip to make authobj a single func
2013-12-01 Eugene Crosserauthobj - new interface works
2013-12-01 Eugene Crosserwip in new authobj interface
2013-12-01 Eugene Crosserchange serialization interface
2013-11-30 Eugene Crosserwip on struct authobj interface
2013-11-15 Eugene Crosserfix fstat error check
2013-11-10 Eugene Crosserauthfile works
2013-11-10 Eugene Crossereprint don't need \n in the format
2013-11-10 Eugene Crosserintrocude authfile module
2013-11-09 Eugene Crosserintroduce setup program
2013-11-09 Eugene Crossersystematize authobj errors
2013-11-09 Eugene Crossersupport gcrypt library
2013-11-08 Eugene Crossermake hardware test XFAIL
2013-11-07 Eugene Crosserfix serialization and auth test
2013-11-06 Eugene Crosseradd test_auth
2013-11-06 Eugene Crosserintroduce make_challenge()
2013-11-06 Eugene Crosserintroduce authobj
2013-11-06 Eugene Crosserfix return code
2013-11-06 Eugene Crosseradd convenience defines
2013-11-06 Eugene Crosseradd .gitignore
2013-11-01 Eugene Crosserintroduce getserial op
2013-10-31 Eugene Crossermake yubico slot #2 default
2013-10-31 Eugene Crosseradd readme_cr, chalresp test accepts challenge
2013-10-31 Eugene Crosseradd test for serializer
2013-10-31 Eugene Crosseradd serializer
2013-10-31 Eugene Crosserrename test chalresp
2013-10-31 Eugene Crosserfix args order
2013-10-31 Eugene Crossertry other openssl hmac
2013-10-31 Eugene Crosserreinit iv before every op
2013-10-31 Eugene Crosserclear test results
2013-10-31 Eugene Crosseruse ssl aes directly
2013-10-31 Eugene Crossercleaner crypto init
2013-10-30 Eugene Crosserwip on crypto
2013-10-30 Eugene Crossercreate test for crypto
2013-10-30 Eugene Crossercrypto iface compiles
2013-10-29 Eugene Crossertweak tomcrypt
2013-10-29 Eugene Crosseradd crypto.h
2013-10-29 Eugene Crosserproto tomcrypt
2013-10-29 Eugene Crossercrypto interface
2013-10-29 Eugene Crossercorrect enable tomcrypt
2013-10-29 Eugene Crosserallow openss with tomcrypt
2013-10-29 Eugene Crosserautotools tuning
2013-10-29 Eugene Crosseradd dummy pam
2013-10-29 Eugene Crosserautotool tweaks, type warnings
2013-10-29 Eugene Crosserswitch to autotools
2013-10-29 Eugene Crosserswitch to autotools
2013-10-20 Eugene Crosserparse options, specify ykneo slot
2013-09-29 Eugene CrosserInitial import