check that old data exists when it is necessary
[pam_pcsc_cr.git] / pam_pcsc_cr.c
2013-12-17 Eugene Crosserget rid of tokenid altogether
2013-12-08 Eugene Crosserbump version, show version
2013-12-07 Eugene Crosseradd more debug prints
2013-12-06 Eugene Crosserclean up pam module
2013-12-04 Eugene Crosserfix precedence error
2013-12-04 Eugene CrosserPut zlib license in all files
2013-12-04 Eugene Crosserpath= and injectauth params
2013-12-04 Eugene CrosserPAM module works
2013-12-04 Eugene Crosserinitial PAM module
2013-10-29 Eugene Crosseradd dummy pam