base64: do not add trailing '\n', cleanup test
[pam_pcsc_cr.git] /
2022-12-26 Eugene Crosserautoconf: add hardening for clang
2022-12-26 Eugene Crosserautoconf: update to newer autotools
2020-04-23 Eugene CrosserIncrease buffer size for base64 encoder
2018-08-15 Eugene Crosserconfigure: add option "--disable-openssl"
2017-11-05 Eugene CrosserInitialize pad memory to pacify stack protectors
2013-12-25 Eugene Crosserbump version
2013-12-12 Eugene Crosserversion 0.9.2
2013-12-08 Eugene Crosserbump version, show version
2013-12-07 Eugene Crossertidy build process
2013-12-06 Eugene Crosserclean up pam module
2013-12-04 Eugene Crosserinitial PAM module
2013-11-09 Eugene Crossersupport gcrypt library
2013-10-30 Eugene Crossercreate test for crypto
2013-10-30 Eugene Crossercrypto iface compiles
2013-10-29 Eugene Crossercorrect enable tomcrypt
2013-10-29 Eugene Crosserallow openss with tomcrypt
2013-10-29 Eugene Crosserautotools tuning
2013-10-29 Eugene Crosserautotool tweaks, type warnings
2013-10-29 Eugene Crosserswitch to autotools