path= and injectauth params
[pam_pcsc_cr.git] / authobj.c
2013-12-02 Eugene Crossertidy const declarations
2013-12-02 Eugene Crossersingle-function authobj works
2013-12-02 Eugene Crosserwip single-function authobj
2013-12-02 Eugene Crosserwip to make authobj a single func
2013-12-01 Eugene Crosserauthobj - new interface works
2013-12-01 Eugene Crosserwip in new authobj interface
2013-11-30 Eugene Crosserwip on struct authobj interface
2013-11-10 Eugene Crosserauthfile works
2013-11-09 Eugene Crossersystematize authobj errors
2013-11-07 Eugene Crosserfix serialization and auth test
2013-11-06 Eugene Crosseradd test_auth
2013-11-06 Eugene Crosserintroduce make_challenge()
2013-11-06 Eugene Crosserintroduce authobj