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include base64 encoder
[pam_pcsc_cr.git] / authfile.c
2013-12-07 Eugene Crossersilence fchown warning
2013-12-05 Eugene Crossertry to preserve auth file ownership
2013-12-04 Eugene Crosserfix precedence error
2013-12-04 Eugene CrosserPut zlib license in all files
2013-12-04 Eugene Crosserpath= and injectauth params
2013-12-04 Eugene Crosserinitial PAM module
2013-12-04 Eugene Crossercreate new file and rename
2013-12-04 Eugene Crossermake own file token parser that works
2013-12-03 Eugene Crosserauthfile works (except strtok)
2013-12-03 Eugene Crosserwip redoing authfile
2013-11-15 Eugene Crosserfix fstat error check
2013-11-10 Eugene Crosserauthfile works
2013-11-10 Eugene Crossereprint don't need \n in the format
2013-11-10 Eugene Crosserintrocude authfile module