support gcrypt library
[pam_pcsc_cr.git] /
2013-11-09 Eugene Crossersupport gcrypt library
2013-11-08 Eugene Crossermake hardware test XFAIL
2013-11-06 Eugene Crosseradd test_auth
2013-11-06 Eugene Crosserintroduce authobj
2013-10-31 Eugene Crosseradd readme_cr, chalresp test accepts challenge
2013-10-31 Eugene Crosseradd test for serializer
2013-10-31 Eugene Crosseradd serializer
2013-10-31 Eugene Crosserrename test chalresp
2013-10-30 Eugene Crossercreate test for crypto
2013-10-29 Eugene Crossercrypto interface
2013-10-29 Eugene Crosserautotools tuning
2013-10-29 Eugene Crosserautotool tweaks, type warnings
2013-10-29 Eugene Crosserswitch to autotools
2013-10-29 Eugene Crosserswitch to autotools