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2008-08-19 Eugene Crosserattempt to migrate to moo 1.2
2008-08-18 Eugene Crosserswitch to mulibox for info box
2008-08-18 Eugene Crosserfix "new" list generation
2008-06-17 Eugene Crossersome code to initialize image list
2008-06-17 Eugene Crossermake initialization in js file rather than embedded
2008-06-15 Eugene CrosserWIP on migratin to phatfusion slideshow
2008-06-09 Eugene Crosserreplace lightbox
2008-06-09 Eugene Crosserwork in progress on moving it to phatfusion lightbox
2007-01-01 Eugene Crosserwip on rss
2007-01-01 Eugene Crosserpreliminary code for building gallery RSS feed
2006-12-17 Eugene Crosseradd --help option
2006-12-17 Eugene Crosserrestoring lost changes: incpath and utf8 jpeg comments
2006-03-06 Eugene Crosserupdate doc
2006-03-03 Eugene CrosserImage::Info optional,
2006-03-03 Eugene Crosserbetter check for freshness
2006-03-03 Eugene Crosserupdate todo
2006-03-03 Eugene Crossercheck for .noindex
2006-03-03 Eugene Crosseradd tooltips
2006-03-02 Eugene Crosserfinetune style
2006-03-02 Eugene Crosserparse App12
2006-03-02 Eugene Crosseruse page size functions from lightbox.js
2006-03-02 Eugene Crosserone less todo item
2006-03-02 Eugene Crosserstyle slideshow
2006-03-02 Eugene Crossersome fine-tuning of CSS
2006-03-01 Eugene Crosserupdate todo list
2006-03-01 Eugene Crossermake info pages
2006-02-28 Eugene Crossermost things done in new design, except image info
2006-02-28 Eugene Crosserimplement slideshow files
2006-02-28 Eugene Crossermake year clickable too
2006-02-28 Eugene Crosserwork in progress on methods
2006-02-28 Eugene Crossertitle editing
2006-02-28 Eugene Crosserwork in progress on methods
2006-02-28 Eugene Crosserbegin work on object design
2006-02-27 Eugene Crosserrefer to index.html in subdirs
2006-02-27 Eugene Crosseradd todo item
2006-02-27 Eugene Crossertodo item
2006-02-27 Eugene Crossertodo item
2006-02-27 Eugene Crosserexpand Id
2006-02-27 Eugene Crossera piece of doc
2006-02-27 Eugene Crosserslideshow basically works
2006-02-27 Eugene Crosserattribution; expand "Id"
2006-02-27 Eugene Crossersubdir list in table
2006-02-26 Eugene Crosserbasic slideshow implemented
2006-02-26 Eugene Crosserimporting initial source batch
2006-02-26 Eugene Crossercreate tree