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2008-09-05 Eugene Crosserwrong way to check if cachel exists... size of first...
2008-09-03 Eugene CrosserIE compatibility
2008-09-02 Eugene Crossertake care of showing the "loading" animation, at the...
2008-09-02 Eugene Crosserchange inject to grab for cross-object ops - looks...
2008-09-02 Eugene Crossermake object replacement more clear, set attributes...
2008-09-02 Eugene Crosserto stop leaking showwin's internals, make a trivial...
2008-09-02 Eugene Crossermake manual prev/next reset autopolay timer
2008-09-01 Eugene Crossermake html xhtml 1.0 compliant
2008-09-01 Eugene Crosseradd alt tags
2008-09-01 Eugene Crosserupdate URL
2008-09-01 Eugene Crosserfix info URLs
2008-09-01 Eugene Crosserkeyboard controls
2008-09-01 Eugene Crosserfix image centering issue
2008-08-31 Eugene Crossermake image containers initially invisible
2008-08-31 Eugene Crosserbasically it works
2008-08-31 Eugene Crosserdisplay & slideshow work, FX not implemented
2008-08-31 Eugene Crosserhide scroll bars when going to show mode; some rearrang...
2008-08-29 Eugene Crosseroutline strategy on window resize
2008-08-29 Eugene Crosserswitch to "new" slideshow (which is not working yet)
2008-08-29 Eugene Crosserwip
2008-08-28 Eugene Crossershowwindow in a separate file
2008-08-28 Eugene Crosserstart "new" slideshow functionality