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2022-12-26 Eugene CrosserUpdate changelog for 2.00 release master 2.00
2022-12-08 Eugene CrosserUpdate changelog for 1.98 release 1.98
2022-12-08 Eugene Crosserevstore: do not use unixepoch() - for older sqlite
2022-12-08 Eugene CrosserFix test when servers crash; less logging
2022-12-04 Eugene CrosserUpdate man pages to use correct name
2022-12-04 Eugene CrosserUpdate README for two-protocol support
2022-12-04 Eugene CrosserIgnore pmod registrations older than an hour
2022-11-27 Eugene CrosserUpdate changelog for 1.97 release 1.97
2022-11-27 Eugene CrosserChange reporting of pmod to events
2022-11-27 Eugene CrosserUpdate changelog for 1.96 release 1.96
2022-11-27 Eugene Crosserwebdemo: implement sending cmds to the terminal
2022-11-27 Eugene CrosserImplement sending commands from the web interface
2022-11-10 Eugene CrosserSend backlog only the the ws client that requested
2022-09-05 Eugene CrosserUpdate changelog for 1.95 release 1.95
2022-09-05 Eugene Crossersysnits & config: update name, remove unneeded bit
2022-08-30 Eugene Crosserwebdemo: use flexbox css
2022-08-23 Eugene Crossertest: add fuzzer for beesure protocol
2022-08-18 Eugene Crossertests: separate fuzz tests in two modules
2022-08-18 Eugene Crosseropencellid: use temp table rather than memory db
2022-08-12 Eugene Crosserwsgateway: clear locations on wsocket open
2022-08-09 Eugene Crosserbeesure: implement a few more server commands
2022-08-04 Eugene CrosserUpdate changelog for 1.94 release 1.94
2022-08-04 Eugene Crosserlookaside returns accuracy too
2022-08-04 Eugene Crosserbeesure: consider valid if enough satellites
2022-08-04 Eugene Crossergooglemaps: add code for manual testing
2022-08-03 Eugene Crosserrectifier: set umask for zmq publish socket
2022-08-03 Eugene CrosserUpdate changelog for 1.93 release 1.93
2022-08-03 Eugene CrosserUpdate html and readme to mention new name
2022-08-03 Eugene Crosserbeesure: fix parsing broken by prefious fix
2022-08-03 Eugene CrosserUpdate changelog for 1.92 release 1.92
2022-08-03 Eugene Crosseropencellid: raise exception on the lack of data
2022-08-03 Eugene Crosserbeesure: more reliable parsing of binary content
2022-08-03 Eugene CrosserUpdate changelog for 1.91 release 1.91
2022-08-03 Eugene Crosseropencellid: detach mem db when lookup failed
2022-08-03 Eugene CrosserUpdate changelog for 1.90 release 1.90
2022-08-03 Eugene Crosserrectifier: log.exception on lookaside crash
2022-08-02 Eugene Crosserwsgateway: switch to the use of cooked reports
2022-07-29 Eugene Crosserstorage: save both raw and rectified reports
2022-07-29 Eugene Crosserwatch: watch for both raw and rectified feeds
2022-07-29 Eugene CrosserCleanup some of the types
2022-07-28 Eugene CrosserConvert recitifier to multiprotocol support
2022-07-28 Eugene Crosserrectifier: lookaside based on rectified objects
2022-07-27 Eugene Crosserabstract protocol selection in `common`
2022-07-26 Eugene Crosserprotocols: introduce method `rectified()`
2022-07-26 Eugene Crosserrectifier: add PUB zmq socket
2022-07-26 Eugene CrosserAdjust config to changing messaging topology
2022-07-19 Eugene Crosserrename `lookaside` to `rectifier`
2022-07-19 Eugene Crosserprotocols: make "interface" module
2022-07-18 Eugene Crossermkgpx: quick temp switch to beesure proto
2022-07-18 Eugene Crossercollector: streamline tracking of polled fd-s
2022-07-15 Eugene Crosserbeesure: implment MESSAGE command
2022-07-15 Eugene Crosserqry: initial support for saving data in a file
2022-07-15 Eugene Crosserbeesure: handle "TK" (Voice message)
2022-07-15 Eugene Crosserbeesure: implement phone book commands
2022-07-14 Eugene CrosserWIP converting wsgateway to multiprotocols
2022-07-14 Eugene Crosserbeesure: remove the PROTO attribute
2022-07-14 Eugene Crossercollector: close old connection on new login
2022-07-14 Eugene CrosserRevive command sender and implement some commands
2022-07-14 Eugene Crosserbeesure: don't mess with timezones for devtime
2022-07-14 Eugene Crosserbeesure: location info parser
2022-07-14 Eugene Crosserwatch: fix check for proto handling
2022-07-14 Eugene Crosserbeesure: decode wifi aps
2022-07-14 Eugene Crossermake qry work again
2022-07-14 Eugene Crosserfunction `proto_handled()` in proto modules
2022-07-14 Eugene Crosserbeesure: add ICCID proto
2022-07-14 Eugene Crossertest: more robust version check for tools (black)
2022-07-14 Eugene Crossercleanup framing/deframing of beesure
2022-07-14 Eugene CrosserWIP: beesure protocol
2022-07-14 Eugene Crosserrename deb package, adjust .gitignore
2022-07-14 Eugene Crosserdebian: this replaces gps303
2022-07-14 Eugene CrosserUpdate package name and links in the README
2022-07-14 Eugene Crosserrename gps303 -> loctrkd
2022-07-14 Eugene CrosserRename gps303proto to zx303proto
2022-07-14 Eugene CrosserMultiprotocol support in zmq messages and storage
2022-07-14 Eugene Crosserimprove diagnistic message about left data
2022-07-14 Eugene CrosserInitial multiprotocol support
2022-07-14 Eugene Crossercollector: get rid of more protocol specifics
2022-07-14 Eugene Crosserchange error reporting and fix bugs
2022-07-14 Eugene Crossermove stream parser/deframer to the protocol module
2022-07-14 Eugene CrosserUpdate changelog for 1.02 release 1.02
2022-07-14 Eugene Crossercollector: prevent two active clients share IMEI
2022-07-12 Eugene CrosserUpdate changelog for 1.01 release 1.01
2022-07-12 Eugene Crossercollector: do not remove clients before all sends
2022-06-23 Eugene CrosserUpdate changelog for 1.00 release 1.00
2022-06-23 Eugene Crosserforgotten manpage for install
2022-06-23 Eugene Crosserdocs: expand man pages
2022-06-23 Eugene Crosserdoc: edit and correct README.md
2022-06-22 Eugene Crossertest: include lookaside and termconfig in the loop
2022-06-22 Eugene CrosserUpdate changelog for 0.99 release 0.99
2022-06-22 Eugene Crossertest: opencellid downloader
2022-06-22 Eugene Crossertest: better aquisition of free ports
2022-06-22 Eugene CrosserAdd sample opencellid csv for tests
2022-06-22 Eugene Crossertest: use IPv4 because github actions
2022-06-22 Eugene Crosserdo not try to use zlib's _Decompress
2022-06-21 Eugene Crossertest: minimally functional test_storage
2022-06-19 Eugene Crossertest: adjust sleeps and drains when daemons run
2022-06-18 Eugene Crossertest: skeleton for an end-to-end unittest
2022-06-18 Eugene Crossertest: move `send_and_drain` to common module
2022-06-17 Eugene Crossertest: message fuzzer and fix found problems
2022-06-16 Eugene Crossercollector: enable SO_KEEPALIVE on accepted conn.