45 hours ago Eugene CrosserInitial multiprotocol support master
3 days ago Eugene Crossercollector: get rid of more protocol specifics
5 days ago Eugene Crosserchange error reporting and fix bugs
5 days ago Eugene Crossermove stream parser/deframer to the protocol module
10 days ago Eugene CrosserUpdate changelog for 1.00 release 1.00
10 days ago Eugene Crosserforgotten manpage for install
10 days ago Eugene Crosserdocs: expand man pages
10 days ago Eugene Crosserdoc: edit and correct
11 days ago Eugene Crossertest: include lookaside and termconfig in the loop
11 days ago Eugene CrosserUpdate changelog for 0.99 release 0.99
11 days ago Eugene Crossertest: opencellid downloader
11 days ago Eugene Crossertest: better aquisition of free ports
11 days ago Eugene CrosserAdd sample opencellid csv for tests
11 days ago Eugene Crossertest: use IPv4 because github actions
12 days ago Eugene Crosserdo not try to use zlib's _Decompress
12 days ago Eugene Crossertest: minimally functional test_storage
2022-06-19 Eugene Crossertest: adjust sleeps and drains when daemons run
2022-06-18 Eugene Crossertest: skeleton for an end-to-end unittest
2022-06-18 Eugene Crossertest: move `send_and_drain` to common module
2022-06-17 Eugene Crossertest: message fuzzer and fix found problems
2022-06-16 Eugene Crossercollector: enable SO_KEEPALIVE on accepted conn.
2022-06-15 Eugene Crossertest: make unittests individually runnable
2022-06-15 Eugene Crossercollector: fix problems found by fuzzer test
2022-06-15 Eugene Crossertest: complete fuzzer unittest
2022-06-14 Eugene Crossertest: fuzzing collector
2022-06-14 Eugene CrosserDrop data if we are receiving junk
2022-06-09 Eugene CrosserRevive mkgpx example script
2022-06-06 Eugene CrosserUpdate changelog for 0.98 release 0.98
2022-06-06 Eugene Crosserdo not run black older than 21.1
2022-06-06 Eugene CrosserImplement remaining "Out" commands
2022-06-06 Eugene CrosserUpdate README with configuring the terminal
2022-05-31 Eugene Crosserwsgateway: reclassify http write hack as permanent
2022-05-31 Eugene Crosserexpand README: lookaside and termconfig sections.
2022-05-31 Eugene Crossermake termconfig use unit specific config section
2022-05-31 Eugene Crosserfix l3str/l3int breakage provoked by typeckeck
2022-05-30 Eugene Crosserinclude runtime deps as build-time for typecheck
2022-05-30 Eugene CrosserUpdate changelog for 0.97 release 0.97
2022-05-30 Eugene Crossertypecheck: skip test if mypy verison < 0.942 0.96.2
2022-05-30 Eugene Crosseradjust tests 0.96.1
2022-05-30 Eugene CrosserUpdate changelog for 0.96 release 0.96
2022-05-30 Eugene Crosserunittest: type checking and formatting
2022-05-30 Eugene Crosserformatting: revive black formatting
2022-05-30 Eugene Crossertypeckecking: annotate
2022-05-30 Eugene Crossertypeckeck: annotate __main__ and fix gps303proto
2022-05-30 Eugene Crossertypechecking: annotate
2022-05-30 Eugene Crossertyping: annotate
2022-05-28 Eugene Crossertypeckecking: annotate
2022-05-28 Eugene Crossertypechecking: annotate
2022-05-28 Eugene Crossertypeckecing: annotate
2022-05-28 Eugene Crossertypeckecing: annotate
2022-05-28 Eugene Crossertypechecking: annotate
2022-05-28 Eugene Crossertypechecking: annotate
2022-05-28 Eugene Crossertypchecking: annotate
2022-05-28 Eugene Crossertyping: annotate
2022-05-28 Eugene Crossertypechecking: less hacky deal with dynamic attrs
2022-05-27 Eugene Crossertyping: annotate (mostly)
2022-05-27 Eugene Crossertyping: make typecheck
2022-05-27 Eugene CrosserAdd a (short) man page
2022-05-27 Eugene CrosserDo not write startup message for command-line cmds
2022-05-26 Eugene CrosserUpdate changelog for 0.95 release 0.95
2022-05-26 Eugene CrosserQuick fix for a missing variable
2022-05-26 Eugene CrosserUpdate changelog for 0.94 release 0.94
2022-05-26 Eugene CrosserAdd googlemaps lookaside backend
2022-05-26 Eugene CrosserPrepare to have dynamically chosen lookup backend
2022-05-26 Eugene Crossercleanup and document config file a bit
2022-05-26 Eugene CrosserImprove error handling of the downloader
2022-05-25 Eugene CrosserOpencellid download service
2022-05-24 Eugene CrosserUpdate changelog for 0.93 release 0.93
2022-05-24 Eugene CrosserMake a `make-release` script to run `gbp dch`
2022-05-24 Eugene CrosserBeautify logging
2022-05-24 Eugene Crosseractions: action-gh-release, not artifact upload 0.92.d
2022-05-23 Eugene CrosserUpdate README
2022-05-23 Eugene Crosser"the `uses' attribute must be a path, a Docker image... 0.92.c
2022-05-23 Eugene Crossertry to make github actions work 0.92.b
2022-05-23 Eugene Crosseruse fixed github action 0.92.a
2022-05-23 Eugene CrosserRelease 0.92 0.92
2022-05-23 Eugene Crosser"When you start a pattern with *, you must use quotes."
2022-05-23 Eugene Crosseradd github action
2022-05-23 Eugene Crosserallow imei as the document path
2022-05-23 Eugene CrosserReport status (with battery %) to the webpage
2022-05-10 Eugene CrosserAdd references to the doc/source
2022-05-10 Eugene Crosserwebdemo: draw very simplistic line between locs
2022-05-10 Eugene CrosserRelease 0.91 0.91
2022-05-10 Eugene Crosserfix log message using unknown variable
2022-05-10 Eugene CrosserRelease 0.90 0.90
2022-05-09 Eugene CrosserExpand README
2022-05-09 Eugene Crosserclean a couple of TODOs in wsgateway
2022-05-09 Eugene Crossermake parse_message return UNKNOWN on parse crash
2022-05-09 Eugene Crosserreimplement backlog query again
2022-05-09 Eugene CrosserA hack in packet framing to false stop bytes match
2022-05-09 Eugene Crosserdo not respond to hibernation; minor cleanup
2022-05-09 Eugene Crosserwsgateway with new message distribution model
2022-05-09 Eugene Crosserfix zmq subscription topics
2022-05-09 Eugene Crossermisc black reformatting
2022-05-09 Eugene Crosserfill in `when` in Resp packet
2022-05-08 Eugene CrosserWIP retoure messaging
2022-05-08 Eugene CrosserPartly revert "Broadcast location, gps and approximated"
2022-05-07 Eugene Crosseradjust debianization to wsgateway 0.01
2022-05-07 Eugene CrosserUpdate evstore schema to support in and out msgs
2022-05-07 Eugene CrosserWIP on supporting multiple markers