descriptionAndroid person's status wall display
last changeSat, 25 Feb 2012 12:35:45 +0000 (16:35 +0400)
2012-02-25 Eugene CrosserStay alive unless closed from menu master
2012-02-25 Eugene Crosserreorder entries on display
2012-02-25 Eugene CrosserMake the 'elsewhere' entry work
2012-02-11 Eugene CrosserNetwork access error message
2012-02-10 Eugene Crossermake three attempts not just two
2012-02-09 Eugene Crossermake one retry on failure
2012-02-09 Eugene CrosserAdd README for library dependencies
2012-02-09 Eugene CrosserAdd NOTE on the SSL trouble
2012-02-08 Eugene Crossermake threads share one instance of GoogleAccessProtecte...
2012-02-08 Eugene Crossercleaner placing of activation/deactivation elements
2012-02-08 Eugene Crosserenable HTTP logging
2012-02-08 Eugene Crosseradd README
2012-02-08 Eugene Crosserfix 'description' file
2012-02-08 Eugene CrosserCreate 'description' file
2012-02-07 Eugene Crosserhandle preferences more precisely
2012-02-07 Eugene Crosserfix presentation
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