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2012-02-08 Eugene Crosserenable HTTP logging
2012-02-08 Eugene Crosseradd README
2012-02-08 Eugene Crosserfix 'description' file
2012-02-08 Eugene CrosserCreate 'description' file
2012-02-07 Eugene Crosserhandle preferences more precisely
2012-02-07 Eugene Crosserfix presentation
2012-02-07 Eugene Crossermove everything that can be mvoed to initialization
2012-02-06 Eugene Crossersubclass MyAccessProtectedResource
2012-02-06 Eugene Crossermake accessProtectedResource a method
2012-02-06 Eugene Crossermake Oracle abstract again
2012-02-05 Eugene Crosserswitch to CallTrack log format
2012-02-05 Eugene Crosserdon't show seconds in last update
2012-02-05 Eugene Crosserfix grammar of the message
2012-02-03 Eugene Crosserimplement autostart on boot
2012-02-03 Eugene Crosseradd logging to SayWhen
2012-02-03 Eugene CrosserSayWhen a separate class
2012-02-03 Eugene Crosseredit lastcall message
2012-02-03 Eugene Crosserchange Log verbosity
2012-02-03 Eugene Crosserproduce phonelog message
2012-02-03 Eugene Crosserrename token access methods
2012-02-03 Eugene Crosserdon't try nonexistent calendar
2012-02-03 Eugene Crossermake configurable calendar selection
2012-02-03 Eugene Crossertrying to avoid wierd lost auth/ssl error cases
2012-02-02 Eugene CrosserCalendar API WIP
2012-02-02 Eugene Crosserlocation message complete, font size adjustment
2012-02-02 Eugene Crossercompute distance works
2012-02-02 Eugene Crossercompute distance (wip)
2012-02-02 Eugene Crosserprototype for Calendar
2012-02-02 Eugene Crosseruse http transport that does not crash,
2012-02-02 Eugene Crosserlogging in LastLocation
2012-02-02 Eugene CrosserMerge branch 'master' of ssh://cahost.average.org/...
2012-02-01 Eugene Crosseradd missing controls on managing wifi
2012-02-01 Eugene CrosserMerge branch 'master' of ssh://cahost.average.org/...
2012-02-01 Eugene CrosserWIP on Latitude API
2012-02-01 Eugene Crossermanage tokens in a class
2012-02-01 Eugene CrosserImplement OAuth2 authorization
2012-01-31 Eugene CrosserMerge branch 'master' of ssh://cahost.average.org/...
2012-01-31 Eugene Crosserclean worker interface
2012-01-31 Eugene Crosseradd Location class and parent
2012-01-31 Eugene Crosseradd PhoneLog class
2012-01-30 Eugene Crosserfix update period
2012-01-30 Eugene Crossermake wifi management configurable
2012-01-30 Eugene Crosserprepare to use gapis
2012-01-30 Eugene Crosserconfigurable update interval
2012-01-30 Eugene Crosserintroduce preferences
2012-01-30 Eugene Crosserguard against leaving or double-unregistering the broad...
2012-01-30 Eugene Crosseradd options menu
2012-01-30 Eugene Crossercatch cancellation
2012-01-30 Eugene Crossercancel background tasks on timeout
2012-01-30 Eugene Crosseronly can execute every new async task once
2012-01-30 Eugene Crosserre-classify bg update
2012-01-29 Eugene Crosserstart updates when connectivity is established
2012-01-26 Eugene Crosseradd Internet perm, proguard
2012-01-26 Eugene Crossertweak layout
2012-01-26 Eugene Crossertime & date display; final layout
2012-01-25 Eugene Crosserformatting datetime
2012-01-25 Eugene Crosseruse Handler.postDelayed for repeated task
2012-01-25 Eugene CrosserUse async task
2012-01-25 Eugene Crosserset min API level
2012-01-25 Eugene CrosserUse full screen
2012-01-18 Eugene CrosserAutocreated skeleton for WhereAmI