enable HTTP logging
[WhereAmI.git] / src / org / average / whereami / Oracle.java
2012-02-08 Eugene Crosserenable HTTP logging
2012-02-07 Eugene Crossermove everything that can be mvoed to initialization
2012-02-06 Eugene Crossersubclass MyAccessProtectedResource
2012-02-06 Eugene Crossermake accessProtectedResource a method
2012-02-06 Eugene Crossermake Oracle abstract again
2012-02-03 Eugene Crosserrename token access methods
2012-02-03 Eugene Crossermake configurable calendar selection
2012-02-03 Eugene Crossertrying to avoid wierd lost auth/ssl error cases
2012-02-02 Eugene CrosserCalendar API WIP
2012-01-31 Eugene CrosserMerge branch 'master' of ssh://cahost.average.org/...
2012-01-31 Eugene Crosseradd Location class and parent